Power Chip

More Power and Torque, Acceleration, Smoothness and Driveability.

One of the most important aspects of the PowerChip engine software upgrade is the improvements made to the Power and Torque throughout the power band.

For most vehicles we can improve the performance by about 10%, with software for most turbo vehicles giving up to 25% more POWER & TORQUE.

The relationship between engine power and torque has a direct relationship to acceleration and “off the line” performance. When power and torque are increased, the acceleration of your vehicle improves accordingly.

Your acceleration will improve with PowerChip enhanced software in your engine.

The technology from Powerchip is more than just a racing and “WOT” experience, which is one of the reasons that all of our software is researched while driving on normal streets and roads.

Each Powerchip program is developed to improved the performance at each throttle opening position, which means that if you even touch your foot lightly on the gas your engine will respond instantly.

Most vehicle manufacturers these days have multi-billion dollar research and development budgets, and great people with a passion that can create cars that are reliable, well built, and enjoyable to drive. A good example to use in this situation is BMW Motorsport, in particular with their M3 and M5 models.

The software engineers have produced a great software program, with impressive power and torque. But it is a still, unfortunately, a compromise as all production (road) cars are.

Powerchip has the ‘easy’ task of only improving a tiny element of the cars overall operation, by tweaking the already good mapping that has been created by the factory.

The engine management system itself, no matter how fast the processor, or how high the resolution (size) of the maps, is only as good as the values in the lookup tables for ignition advance angle (timing) and injector duration (fueling).

And those tables are compromised to allow for poor fuel, excessive carbon buildup, poor servicing and maintenance, fuel economy, California emissions, production tolerances to allow for vehicle aging, minimizing warranty claims, and varying markets around the world, and even driving abuse.

That said, BMW are not alone in building-in production tolerances, Powerchip also must make allowances for the above, it’s just that we can specify more aggressive tolerances because we only sell to enthusiasts.

Performance chip companies all around the world have been producing performance chips for over 15 years that can increase power through modifying the ignition and fuel.